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June 7, 2022

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The Wilcox Literacy Lab classes, led by Ms. Alecia Walkuski, are proud to announce that SEVENTY freshmen and sophomore students have been selected to have their writing published by Young Writers USA, a nationwide writing contest for students ages 10-18.

 These 70 students were invited to write a poem for “Empowered,” the amazing new poetry contest designed to help students find their voice and express themselves, which will be published in the book, Empowered-Voices from the USA scheduled to be released on July 31, 2022. Editorial review and selections take “a broad view of what makes a good poem: imagination and creativity are important as well as expression, originality, and use of language.”  In September, Young Writers USA will also be announcing “The Young Writers’ Award of Excellence,” and the names of the top three writers who will win $100 each and a trophy. We are sending wishes of good luck to our Wilcox Freshmen and Sophomores in this final announcement.

For now, please join us in congratulating grade 9 students: Luis Aguirre, Hunter Ariale, Vanessa Avitabile, Kaitlyn Baral, Neveah Basarab, Dylan Bernier; Alexa Doheny, Aylin Estrada, Antoine Fleming, Jonathan Garcia, David Hardy, Zachary Klimkowsk, Alex Lowery, Justin Lufbery, Shayla Nolasco, Dilany Nunez, Valerie Peluso, Jeremy Perez-Echevarria, Jandel Quintero, Emma Solis, Michelle Stickler, Ashley Stimpson, Brianna Tabellione, Serenity Wilson, and Azalya Yearwood. And, please congratulate grade 10 students: Janytza Aguilar, Katherine Arichavala, Nyla Arroyo, Melissa Bacuilima-Morocho, Nasjir Cannon, Nicholas Cardona,  Daisy Delgado, Brandon Desmond, Ginger Dirisi, Andrew Dowling, Kamorh Frierson, Nilaika Galloza, Talysha Gomez, Alexa Holland, Christian Kruger, Jamie Lacy, Anthony Latorre, Kaitlin  Lowrey, Angelo Maiorano, Serenity Martinez, Anthony Martorelli, Valerie Mendoza, Leslie Meza, Cristian Montalvo, Jaylanie Pabon, Christian Paquette, Jacob Perkins, Niurka Poma, Jonathan Pulisz, Dakota Purvis, Lindsey Ramirez, Samally Rivera, Priscilla Rodriguez, Juan Rodriguez-Lespier, Abigail Sigovitch, Jeremiah Soto, Luz Tapia, Ashley Thurston, Johnny Tomboly, Victorious Trotman, Orley Vega, Nathan Ward, Ashlyn Werley, Sandjala White, and Michael Zacchia.

Recognition also goes to students for their outstanding work in their poetry and to all the students who explored a new way of creative writing. Shanacee Aviles, Zohra Chiby, Joneudy Carrasquillo, Gabriel Davis, Chelynn Flood, Kamila Garcia, Jayla Johnson, Samuel Lopez-Goodridge, Shayne Mazeika, Luke Skitromo, Leandra Springer, Jeduailyz Quintero, Julian Rosa, Marreon Walker, Tayveon Walker, AND Yeriel Zabaleta.

We are very proud of you!