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November 5, 2021

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Dear Wilcox Tech community,

Earlier this year, legislation was introduced in Connecticut to prohibit schools from using Native American imagery. In a joint statement from the Mashantucket Pequots and the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation, the two tribes said “wide-ranging appropriation of Native-American-related imagery, culture and names” promotes stereotypes, misrepresents Native American culture and creates “lasting harm for tribal nations and their citizens.”

Wilcox Tech has heard from various stakeholders regarding making a change to the Indian mascot and it is clear the time has come. The mascot name and imagery are insensitive to the Native American community and its continued use is not representative of the culture of inclusion, respect, and understanding that Wilcox Tech strives to foster.

We understand that there are members of our school community that may have strong opinions about the change and we look forward to having productive conversations that will help make our community stronger and more welcoming.

As such, on Monday, November 22nd at 6 p.m., Wilcox Tech will host a community forum in the gymnasium for community members to comment on the change. At the forum, we will also share the results of the mascot selection survey (link below). Our student council and several faculty members spent a long time selecting a variety of options for our new mascot. We are also excited to involve our talented Graphics Technology students in the logo design.

Please access the survey at the following link and complete by November 15, 2021:

Please share this survey with any interested community members.

Thank you,
Stacy Butkus, Principal

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